Rajvant singh

Academic Head's Message

Mr. Rajvant Singh
Academic Head Of BDA

Friends, today's youth is capable. That he wants to get back on his feet as soon as possible. But in the enthusiasm of employment and livelihood, he does not want to compromise on his life values.

The Armed Forces (Army) and other defense agencies of the country are the highest means of realizing the dreams of such youth. A young man starts realizing his responsibility as soon as he passes the outside. The youth associated with their soil want to fulfill their responsibility towards their parents, family, society and nation as soon as possible.

Armed forces are not just a livelihood or a profession. In the interest of the nation, the armed forces have been guarding the borders of India since historical times and protecting it from external and internal threats. To get selected in the army force, a youth not only has to meet the physical ability but also the mental and intellectual level. For which our organization is constantly working hard for the youth for their future so that the youth of our country can give their support in the service of the country.

जय हिन्द, जय भारत

Wishing you all a great future!


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We aim to train defence aspirants to succeed in their choice of career through imparting quality training and exam preparation.
We also offer the technology based teaching like live classes, application based study material & Online Examination.

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